We are a fabric brand

specialized mostly in children created with care and attention to details.
We always seek the balance between our health and respect for the environment, this is why all our fabrics are made of organic cotton and have the highest seal of the textile industry, the GOTS certification. Our fabrics also have the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label.

Welcome to Cottonly Fabrics

Here you will find our own fabric collections sold in 10m bolts.
All our fabrics are made with organic cotton and produced in GOTS-certified factories.
We are a wholesaler so if you want to have access to the page you need to have a business.

How to get an account:
Enter the page New Costumer and fill in your data. We will check your information and get back to you in the next 48 hours.
Thank you so much for your interest.


In our collections you will find several designs by different illustrators and designers from all over the world who inspire us to make comfortable and beautiful clothes for the entire family.

Have fun

When the days start to get a little longer and the clouds give way to the sun, we take out our bikes, scooters and roller skates. The fields are filled with flowers and reuniting with friends is undoubtedly, the most enjoyable plan – our friends the animals from this beautiful collection by Alicia Cambridge would know it!